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Wool ComfortMeter

The Wool ComfortMeterTM provides an objective measure of next-to-skin wool comfort, offering unique product differentiation, product  development and quality options to retailers and brands


Image: Wool ComfortMeter
Image: Wool ComfortMeter

An historic first, this new testing instrument allows retailers and manufacturers to develop and market next to skin wool garments which are scientifically proven to offer a more comfortable wearer experience.

Consumer satisfaction in the consistent comfort of a next-to-skin wool garment can now be assured when it has been measured as comfortable by the Wool ComfortMeterTM.

Retailers and manufacturers can build customer trust and premium differentiation into both their products and brands by adopting the Wool ComfortMeterTM as a central component in their QC processes.


The comfort of wool garments is a key feature of customer satisfaction, especially for next-to-skin wool garments. Poor perceptions of comfort mean buyers are less likely to choose wool garments again.

Lack of comfort, also described as ‘prickle’, occurs when the ends of some wool fibres push against the wearer’s skin, resulting in nerve endings in the skin being stimulated. The wearer can become irritated by this and feel itchy.

Whether fibres in garments push against the skin depends on many things including the thickness or fibre diameter of the wool fibres in the garment and the fabric construction and finish.

Until now there has been no scientific way for a retailer or manufacturer to calibrate such variables in order to specify a product that does not irritate and guarantees a comfortable wearer experience.

The Wool ComfortMeterTM

After five years of comprehensive consumer wearer trials and parallel development of the new measuring system we have an instrument that accurately predicts next to skin comfort.

The Wool ComfortMeter allows retailers and manufacturers to specify a numerical value for comfort in their buying orders.

This means, that for the first time retailers and manufacturers have a means of objectively specifying and promoting a garment on the basis of superior comfort.

The benefits of the instrument and adoption of its specifications are significant for the whole next- to- skin wool supply chain.

Product Differentiation

For retailer and manufacturer alike assured greater comfort is a significant differentiating factor for next- to-skin products which can justify price premiums and increase buyer loyalty.

The scientific measure of comfort generated by the Wool ComfortMeter can be incorporated in product positioning and marketing materials to build customer trust and support the comfort claims of a next-to-skin range.

Measurements generated by the Wool ComfortMeter can be used to educate and ‘trade up’ customers at the retail point of sale. They can also be incorporated into the sales offering of wool knitters and spinners seeking to differentiate a superior product to downstream customers.

Product Development

The Wool ComfortMeter allows retailers and manufacturers to develop new product offerings on the basis of elite comfort. Designers and buyers can now include a comfort value at the design stage of a new product’s development.

The instrument can also provide an opportunity for objective benchmarking of the retailer or manufacturers products.

Product Quality

The Wool ComfortMeter ensures consistent garment quality by precisely specifying a value for comfort in buying orders.

The imprecision of human estimation and variation between batches is removed with the Wool ComfortMeter allowing both manufacturer and retailer a greater level of QC process control and reducing the risk of customer returns.

The precision of the Wool ComfortMeter allows for greater efficiency across the supply chain enhancing transparency between the retailer and manufacturer and ensuring product specifications are consistently reached.

Testing Logistics

The Wool ComfortMeter test is non destructive and can be conducted on both fabrics and garments.

Testing Authority

The Wool ComfortMeter has been developed and calibrated by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation through a collaboration of CSIRO, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA), Deakin University and the Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA).

Download the fact sheet and brochure below.

DownloadWool ComfortMeter fact sheet (199 KB)

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