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Autumn 2014 Meat quality program update

The meat science/genetics/AGBU meeting to discuss the further genetic analysis of the meat science traits was undertaken in March in Armidale. Web-based software has been produced by AGBU to display the full genetic information (heritability, genetic and phenotypic correlations) of all key meat science traits.

Work will now be undertaken to include meat quality sensory data in the genetic analysis. Key work areas are to develop new indexes for Terminals, Maternals and Merinos that include eating quality and other meat quality phenotypes (i.e. colour, pH). Further work will also be undertaken on the need (or otherwise) of developing new lean meat yield indexes.

All the special edition Meat Science papers are downloadable at no cost from the Meat Science web site – Vol 96, Issue 2, Part B, February 2014.

Most fact sheets are now complete – some 8 in total. They will be forwarded to AMPC and the CRC for final development and placing on the respective web sites.

Carcase grading

The new GR probe which includes electrical impedance to measure IMF arrived in ‘beta form’ late Feb, 2014 at Murdoch University. Initial proof of concept has begun at WAMMCO, WA. It is hoped that the new probe will accurately measure GR and cope with online speeds.

Lamb Supply Chain Group

The Lamb Supply Chain group met in Adelaide on 12-13th February. This meeting focused on consumer trends in Australia and internationally, plus the development of final plans for eating quality studies, feedback, supplychain development and innovation.

Meat Quality

Background information

The Meat Quality Program is improving lean meat yield and meat quality (ie. eating quality and nutritional value) for domestic and international consumers through delivery of genetic and non-genetic tools, involving:


The rate of improvement in lean meat yield will be increased by 20% of the 2007 rate of increase in 42% of slaughter lambs while meat quality is increased sufficiently to maintain prices. The value of this improvement is estimated to have a net present value of $523 million over 25 years.

To find the research overview on the Meat Quality Program click here.


Meat Program slaughter and sampling protocol

The following protocol is available for download below:
Sheep CRC Program 3: Next Generation Meat Quality Project 3.1.1 - Operational Protocol Series
Edited by Dr. Kelly Pearce,Murdoch University - Edition 2, December 2012

DownloadMeat Program Slaughgter and Sampling Protocol (1.2 MB)


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