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General Terms

We have provided some general terms and desciptions to better help you understand some of the terminology used. If there are any other terms you are unsure of please contact Janelle Holzberger.

Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV)

An ASBV is an estimate of the genetic potential a sheep will pass on to its progeny. ASBVs are calculated by Sheep Genetics and allow across-flock comparison of genetic merit.

Automated data capture

Automatic collection of data by computer or data logger whereby the animal is 'recognised' by the computer via an electronic tag, or a sample by bar code, and lodged in the data base with data electronically recorded.


Instrument measuring the presence of stiff fibres protruding from knitted fabric that could cause discomfort in contact with skin.


Pertaining to the genome, all of the genetic information possessed by any organism.


The genotype of an individual is the genetic information carried by the sheep gene's, whether or not the genes are actively expressed as proteins.


A parasite contortus that infest the abomasums and by sucking blood cause haemonchosis that is characterised by anaemia.


The feel of wool determined by stiffness, softness, smoothness etc.

Pedigree MatchMaker

The process of matching a lamb to its ewe based on closeness of association as ewes and lambs file past an electronic tag reader.


The phenotype denotes all the observable characteristics of an individual, such as physical appearance and internal physiology.

Ram Value Calculator

Software developed by the CRC to determine the relative dollar value of a ram based on key breeding values, characteristics of the ewe flock and anticipated prices for wool and meat.

SNP chip

A micro-array of tiny squares containing DNA strands designed to test for the presence of single nucleotide polymorphism markers.