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Professional Development for Young & Emerging Consultants


Recommended Users: Young and emerging consultants in the livestock sector

The CRC, with funding from MLA, is running a three year project (2010 - 2012) to provide professional development opportunities for livestock industry advisors and consultants. The project is designed as an optional support activity to the Graduate Certificate in Rural Science (Agricultural Consulting). Individuals working in the livestock advisory sector but not enrolled in the Graduate Certificate are also welcome to join the group.

The project creates a network for information exchange and peer support for young and emerging livestock advisors. The group meet once per year for a 2 day workshop and have teleconferences and webinars throughout the year on topics of interest.

The material and training delivered in the project is determined by the group. The project aims to build the personal and professional skills of individuals working in rural communities to deliver advice and training to sheep and beef producers.

Young and emerging livestock advisors are welcome to join the group for 2011 and 2012.

The program involves on-line, teleconference and face to face development activities which build the personal skills needed for consulting. Access and exposure is provided to experienced agricultural consultants who are prepared to provide mentoring and encouragement to establishing consultants, including:

  • Skills in understanding and managing people;
  • Social aspects and demographics for rural communities;
  • Critical thinking and strategic planning; and
  • Running a consulting business.



  • Personal and business skills development for consulting; and
  • Increased understanding of the broader social context and demographics of rural communities.


For further information contact Lu Hogan (Industry Training Project Officer) on 02 9816 5373 or 0427 687 432 or via email to