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The WormBoss workshop is a small-group, activity-based workshop for sheep producers across Australia, to improve their ability to effectively control sheep worms.

The focus is on practices a sheep producer can do to control worms on their property, with the minimum of academic theory.

The workshop is tailored to cover all aspects of worm control relevant to the region in which it is delivered. This typically includes:

  • The effects of worms
  • Preparing low worm-risk paddocks
  • Breeding for worm resistance
  • Worm testing
  • When to drench
  • Managing drench resistance

NB. The emphasis on each of these topics varies across regions.

Workshop format

Participants work in teams of 5 and do a series of fun quizzes, discussions and applied exercises for each worm control topic. Come alone or arrange your own team with friends and neighbours. Please note: this is not a lecture or seminar style event.


Workshops typically run from 8.30 am to 4 pm (please refer to specific events for actual times.)

The workshop development costs as well as workshop materials have been funded by the Sheep CRC. Participants pay a set fee of $220.00 to cover presenters, venue and catering.

Venue and Catering
For most events, the venue will be a local club or meeting room. Catering is included in the price. Special dietary requests are usually able to be met with advance notice.

Minimum attendance numbers
Workshops will only be held if a minimum number of people (usually 20) have registered by the RSVP date. Workshops are designed for 20–30 people, working in groups of 4 or 5.

What do you need to do to attend?
You must register by the RSVP date, as the workshops are group-based workshops with a lower and upper limit to the number of people attending.
You should come with reading glasses, if required, plus a readiness to participate.

Where are the workshops?
Workshops will be run in all sheep areas of Australia. Click here to go to the events calendar.

To visit the new WormBoss website click here.

Where there isn't a workshop scheduled for your area, one can often be arranged if a minimum number of participants register to attend.

Workshops specifically delivered to a particular producer group or company can also be arranged.

To see whether a workshop can be scheduled for your area, group or company, contact Sheep CRC Communications Officer, Janelle Holzberger on 02 6773 2927 or via email to


Harry McNaught, Producer, Glen Elgin, NSW - "Sheep producers you need this workshop full stop!"

Robert Sturtridge, Producer, Deepwater, NSW - "I will try to implement what I learned in this course to help control my worm burden."

Sid Brummell, Producer, Glen Innes, NSW - "Great fun day, definitely makes controlling worms seem very achievable."

Daniel Rohde, Producer, Gunnedah, NSW - "Very good presenters, will come and listen to you both anytime."

Darren Moore, Producer, Inverell, NSW - "Very comprehensive without being an overload, great workshop."

Hughie McCowen, Producer, Tenterfield, NSW - "Workshop presented strategies for me to consider in my own enterprise. I believe these strategies to be achievable and potentially profitable for my enterprise."

John Holley, Producer, Tenterfield, NSW - "Educational approach was very good well done. Interested in DNA attributes in sheep."

Lisa Martel, Producer, Uralla, NSW - "The information presented in the workshop was highly relevant, practical and immediately applicable, well done Deb & Lewis."

David Worsley, Producer and trainer, Nullamanna, NSW - "Great day, nice to take home some ideas to put into practice."

Damien Young, Animal health consultant, Bingara, NSW - "I found this to be informative to talk to customers."

Jay Sinclair, Animal health consultant, Inverell, NSW - "I found the drench decisions guide extremely helpful and will use it when recommending drench."

Steve Highlands, Area Manager, Bayer, NSW - "Well presented seminar. The interaction enabled everyone to understand different situations. Breaking down into "modules" was highly effective."

Abby Henley, Rural Merchandiser, Norco, Inverell, NSW - "Thank you for today, I had no experience in this area and after today I feel a lot more confident helping my clients and customers choose the right form of action."

Tim White, Stock and Station agent, Texas, NSW - "Very good, as an agent it gives me some very useful management tools and ideas that we can pass onto our customers."

Michelle Dever, Territory Manager, Novartis, NSW - "A very good presentation as a refresher for me."

Tony Mills, Business Manager, Rabobank, Tamworth, NSW - "Good use of activities plus allowance for discussions and questions."