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The Sheep CRC, in partnership with Rural Industries Skills Training (RIST), presents a practical course focusing specifically on the nutrition and health issues associated with the ewe and develops participant skills in sheep assessment and feed budgeting, based on key information from the lifetimewool project.

Recommended users: commercial producers, lamb breeders, advisors & consultants, teachers & educators

Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM) is a nationally accredited course involving groups of 5 producers meeting in 6 ‘hands-on’ sessions over 12 months, with a trained LTEM facilitator. During these meetings, the group visits each participating farm and learns skills in condition scoring, pasture assessment and best practice management to increase lambing performance and wool production. It is structured to maximise knowledge retention, skills development and practice change. Each producer monitors a mob of their own ewes to demonstrate the effects of ewe nutrition and management in their environment. The course is coordinated by Rural Industries Skills Training (RIST), with a total cost of $2,100 per participant. It is registered with FarmReady and producers may be eligible for a reimbursable grant of up to $1,235 (refer to


  • Increased whole-farm stocking rates by 11% to13%;
  • Increased lamb marking percentages by 10% to 14% depending on enterprise type;
  • Decreased annual ewe mortality rates by up 43%;
  • Overall, increased number of lambs weaned per hectare by up to 30%;
  • Increased farm profit every year by up to $10 per ewe (based on current market prices), for Merino and maternal flocks in the high rainfall and sheep wheat zones (ignoring potential gains in stocking rate);
  • Reduced stress on farm managers.


“By following the data and recommendation from the Lifetime Ewe Management program, in one season we have been able to lift our performance by an average of 25% or 4000 lambs.” - Gordon Dickinson, Nareen Station, Casterton

“Lifetime Ewe Management has allowed us to realize the full potential of our sheep and pasture enterprise through the use of a “measure to manage” philosophy” . - Tom Austin, sheep producer Western District VIC

MLA Feedback TV - Lifetime Ewe Management

Ewes continue to be a critical investment to build profitability and ensure the long term success of the prime lamb and sheep industry. So what are the key issues or management decisions that can affect their profitability. To watch the video clip click here.

Download the brochure, value proposition and testimonials below.

For more information contact Darren Gordon at RIST (Rural Industries Skill Training) on 03 5573 0943 /  0408 114 656 or by email to


DownloadLifetime Ewe Management Brochure - National delivery (856 KB)