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Core Unit Content

Please note that these units can also be studied in the Diploma in Agriculture (as CSLT 401 and 402).


CSLT 401/501 Business skills for agricultural consultants

Module 1— Strategic planning for successful business
Strategic Planning
· Strategy terminology
· The strategic management process

Preparing a business plan
· Elements of a business plan
· Tests your plan should pass

Preparing a marketing plan
· Goal setting
· Understanding the market
· Marketing mix

Strategy implementation and monitoring
· The balanced scorecard

Module 2 — Media and marketing
· Topic to introducing the media
· Developing and media profile
· Managing issues and handling a crisis

Module 3 — Legal issues
· Legal liability's rights and responsibilities
· Environmental legal issues for clients

CSLT 402/502 Client service skills for agricultural consultants

Module 1 ─ Whole of Enterprise Planning
Enterprise evaluation
· Gross margin
· Machinery costs
· The whole farm system
· Record-keeping
· Cost body in the profit analysis

Farm plan—resources
· Soil and land classification
· Infrastructure
· Depreciation versus repairs and maintenance
· Monitoring performance

Farm resource allocation
· Defining resources available
· Sustainability of resource use

Benchmarking the farm business
· Why benchmark
· Financial reports used in farm benchmarking
· Profit and loss statement
· Balance sheets
· Financial benchmarks
· Natural resources benchmarks
· Human resource benchmarks
· Interpretation of benchmarking

Strategic resource allocation
· Where to from here
· Restructure
· Retirement

Introduction to succession planning
· When should succession planning start
· Getting started
· The meeting

Module 2 — Communication, facilitation and negotiation
· Communication principles
· Communication styles
· Developing your communication skills
· Effective presentations
· Communicating in conflict situation

Principles of facilitation
· What is facilitation
· Group psychology
· Facilitation tools and techniques

Principles of persuasion

. Consulting the client

. Packaging the content

Principles of negotiation
· Negotiation and agricultural consultants
· Skills required to negotiation
· Important negotiation concepts
· Negotiation tools
· Conflict analysis
· Preparing for a negotiation
· Problems you might encounter

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