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Wool - Next Generation Project - Handle in Merino Wool Fabrics

Project Leader

Dr Trevor Mahar
Australian Wool Testing Authority
Tel: 02 9892 7040
Email -

About this Project

This project will develop, with commercial partners in the wool apparel supply chain, fabric measurement instrumentation and associated know-how which will enable the engineering of predictable and desirable handle characteristics in garments made from lightweight knitted wool fabric. The project has already: identified a set of 7 terms that can describe the handle of lightweight knitted fabric; has industry endorsement of the descriptors; developed and validated a set of algorithms that enable the prediction of the 7 handle terms; and confirmed their precision.

Business Case

The assessed quality of knitwear handle is important to consumers when considering garments for purchase, and is a major contributor to the purchase decision. The CRC technology will provide knitters and retailers with the ability to better target and specify wool knitwear handle, and ensure consistent quality to the consumer. The economic impact of this development will be greatest in the global wool knitwear production hubs, now in Asia. This technology can lead to product quality improvement, and in concert with research focused on next-to-skin comfort and wool whiteness, ensure wool knitwear meets the tough performance criteria required in the emerging trans-seasonal knitwear markets (casual wear).


This project will establish the objective measurement technology to support fabric and garment developers to manufacture products made from lightweight knitted wool fabric that meet specific consumer requirements for fabric handle. The instrumentation will be used to establish total supply chain specifications that ensure consistent and desired fabric handle characteristics are achieved. The project will also facilitate the establishment of the commercial and genetic linkages required to ensure commercial uptake of the technology where possible.

Products & Training Resources

Products & Training Resources

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