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About the Sheep CRC

The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) was established for a term of seven years with effect from July 2007 to undertake a program of research and delivery of innovation to the Australian sheep industry. As part of the Commonwealth requirements the CRC was incorporated as a Public Company limited by guarantee, called Sheep CRC Ltd.

The role of the CRC is to facilitate transformation of the sheep industry through making sheep easier to manage, developing the production and processing of meat and wool to meet increasing consumer expectations and by increasing the uptake of new technologies by the industry.

The scope of the Strategic Plan is defined by the objectives set out in the Agreements between the CRC and the Commonwealth and between CRC Participants. The CRC objectives were established through extensive consultation with industry and with reference to the National Research Priorities. The agreed outcomes and outputs are consistent with the capabilities and interests of the CRC Participants and closely match the National Research Priorities. The priority to develop frontier technologies for building and transforming Australian industries is particularly closely aligned with the goals of the CRC.

Each Program and its component Projects is defined by a set of Milestones and Tasks covering research closely linked to utilisation/commercialisation. There are also three Projects that integrate research management, adoption/impact and communication across the CRC portfolio. The Education Program covers both postgraduate research and industry training.

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Extension application

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